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The University of Houston Political Action Committee is one of the largest and most influential higher-education political action committees in Texas. Since 1982, we have provided nonpartisan support to Texas legislators and other elected statewide officials who are committed to the importance of higher education in general and the University of Houston System in particular.

The Texas legislature plays a critical role in ensuring that the University of Houston is adequately funded to achieve its education and research goals. We support statewide elected officials who share these important priorities.

The UH PAC is comprised of a wide variety of supporters, including university alumni, students and faculty, and businesses and community leaders from throughout Texas. Collectively, we have projected a strong and unified voice in Austin.

We believe in the importance of creating quality and accessible public higher education opportunities in Texas, and we will continue to fight to ensure that University of Houston remains a higher-education powerhouse in the eyes of Texas elected officials.

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